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You’re a Web Designer? But, This is simple looking?

You’re a Web Designer? But, This is simple looking?

Hi, I’m Mark Bearse. You were probably expecting a fancy designed site for my portfolio? Sorry I’m updating it and in all reality now-a-days folks just like simple considering 87% of you looking at this are on a mobile.

Who am I? I’m a freelance web developer, WordPress Guru and all around geek.

That’s it? Yep, for now.

Are you taking on new site projects? On a selective basis. Contact me for info.

Well how do I do that? Easy, use the # on my contact page or submit a message on said page.

Still want to know more? visit my “What Do I know?” page.

Wait Mark! Why you? Simple:

Here’s an idea, let a web developer design your new website. See there are so many folks out there who say they can design your new site but the simple truth is many of them are not actually professional web designers. Some may have experience or have other expertise in the IT world but being a web developer is so much more then knowing how to crop a photo or adding a link.

I AM a Web Developer. I went to school for it, I live it and I love it. I don’t mix and match services like so many other local design company’s of “free” websites like Wix.com. Instead I focus on what I know and what I think our clients want to know. No hidden fee’s and no technical mumbo jumbo about you needing this and needing that.

Straight forward attitude combined with straight forward pricing and reliability.